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Pet CBD Oil | Natural Vegan Beef Flavor

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Pet CBD Oil

Pain And Anxiety

Is Heart-Wrenching.


Hemp Extracted Oil May Be The Answer.

Find Out About This Life Changer.

Strength: 250mg and 600mg

Natural Beef Flavor Loved By Most Dogs and Cats


What Is Hemp Extracted Oil (CBD Oil)?

Hemp extracted oil or CBD oil is the 'oily juice' that comes from the Cannabis plant - more commonly called the "hemp" plant. These oils are extracted with a solvent like ethanol.

The solvent desolves the plant and all the juices.  After a soak we remove the remaining plant materials, the solvent, and water, you get the extract oil

How Does The Oil Work?

The compounds act like a "Key" that fits exactly into our receptors or "locks". When taken, the "Key" unlocks the receptors and tells our brains what's needed in other parts of the body. The receptors are found in our brain and through-out our body. 

These receptors are collectively known as the "Endocannabinoid System" which is found in all mammals; humans, dogs, cats,... if it was born and has hair, it's a mammal.  

When the Endocannabinoid System is low and the receptors are not fed, it is impossbile to feel our best.  Pain, aches, anxiety, stress,... many disease can popup due to a low Endocannabinoid System. 

Refueling the body and brain of these cannabinoids is essential to the health and wellbeing for both you and your pets.

>>> Certificate of Analysis <<<

CAUTION - Not All Oils Are The Same.

Your Pet, your beautiful little compainion should NOT consume the THC compound found in any Cannabis plant.  They are extremely sensitive to this compound.  Best to avoid what's called "Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil" for your pets

Full-spectrum hemp oil has small amounts of THC. Less that 3-10ths of 1% or .03%. It is fully legal in the United States.  You can have it - but not your guard dog or Miss Wiskers. 

Why Choose Blue Key?

Blue Key® Pet Hemp Extract CBD Oil is a blend of organically grown hemp oil, extracted to our specifications.

Our hemp oil is "Broad-Spectrum hemp oil" or THC-FREE. The "Broad-spectrum hemp oil" term is when we use all but the THC compound. So, no worries that your pets will fall ill to THC sickness. 

Our natural beef flavoring is not overpowering - It smells like puppy breath

Finally, both oils are mixed with non-gmo, organic coconut oil (MCT oil).  MCT oil is a great source of omega-3 and omega-6.  It's great for gut, brain and body health

    • Non-GMO
    • GMP Compliant
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Child Resistant Caps
    • Measured Servings
    • THC-FREE
    • Cannabinoid Rich (Broad Spectrum)

Flavor: Natural Beef Flavor

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Extracted Hemp Oil, and Natural Beef Flavor

Bottle Size: 30ml - 30 day supply

Cats and Small Dogs - 250mg Serving Size: 2mg per pound.  Each full dropper (1.0ml) is 8.33mg of CBD. Entire bottle is 250mg of CBD. 

Large Dogs - 600mg Serving Size: 2mg per pound.  Each full dropper (1.0ml) is 20mg of CBD. Entire bottle is 600mg of CBD.

Don't Let Pain And Anxiety Hender Your Pet's Life.

Unlock You're Pet's Full Potential.

Order Now and Get Free 2-3 Day Shipping.


Recommended Usage: Shake well before each use. Add to your pet's food or directly to mouth. For best results use up to 3 times per day for 4 days then reduce to 1-2 times per day. Store in a cool dry place.


Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness. Store away from humidity, heat, and light. Do not refrigerate. If any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use of dietary supplement and consult your doctor.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent  any disease.


Warranty Information

Our Pet CBD Oil Tinctures and other products are refundable or replaceable. Please see terms and conditions. Each bottle of CBD oil tincture is prepared with love and blessings from human hands.

Additional Details


6 Reviews

  • 5
    The Best pet CBD Oil

    Published by Kim Bettis on May 28, 2024

    We have been using this CBD Oil for a couple of years. my dog is 11 years old with muscle atrophy in her hips and she has a lot of pain. I have found this is the only CBD oil that has helped ease her pain.

  • 5
    Pain and anxiety

    Published by Sara on Jun 11, 2023

    Really helps my dog with her arthritis pain and chronic anxiety disorder. She loves the taste and I feel good about the quality of the product.

  • 5
    Pet help

    Published by Natural Health Cabin on Apr 10, 2023

    Mom's 7 yr old Great Pyrenees was acting a bit gimpy. A visit with the PT, that comes to the Cabin monthly. Shared---her inner thigh muscle was tight as if she pulled something while it was slick. Following her treatment we applied Lavender oil on the tight area. some improvement but 3 weeks following LB. showed 'uncomfortableness' when getting up and first steps afterwards. Mom started dosing LB with Blue Key CBD beef flavor. Within 10 days I got out of the car and LB. woofed and bounced!!! She has made remarkable improvements. Moms' happy and LB is too :)

  • 5
    Blue Key CBD oil for pets

    Published by Dr.Gail Everett on Dec 09, 2020

    Blue Key was very prompt in answering my questions about the pet CBD oil. They delivered quickly and were very generous to us. The product arrived in excellent condition.

  • 5
    Beef 250mg

    Published by Ruth Elledge on Jul 03, 2020

    Amazing how this product calmed my high anxiety foster dog within minutes! I've recommended it to lots of friends, especially if they mention how terrified their dogs are of fireworks during this time of year.

  • 5
    Pet CBD

    Published by Vickie Montgomery on Dec 14, 2019

    Our dog hurt his leg and had a painful limp, xrays confirmed nothing was broken and medication from the vet did not help. we began giving him the 250MG pet tincture and within a week he was walking much better and within a month he was not wincing in pain. Now months later he is running full speed and playing like his old self. best thing we did for our dog. we do keep him on a low dose for maintenance to assure he is healed and reducing the amount gradually to assure he is still good. thank you Jim and Katie

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