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Looking To Relieve Your Painful Aching Body?

SOLVED: Everyday Pain Relief - It's Legal AND Works! 


Life doesn't have to be painful any longer.  Real plant medicine is here to stay. It's 100% natural - great for most humans and pets.

Hemp oil has been shown to reduce inflammation which causes pain. Removing the inflammation can help reduce or eliminate the pain.

Buyer Beware!

Not all CBD/hemp oil is the same.  Using 99.9% CBD is what's called an "isolate"

An isolate means, out of the 120+ cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, only one (1) is used in the formulation.  Many gas station have inexpensive CBD isolate oils.  Isolates cost less - but are way less effective for overall health


Example: It's like having a headache.  You take a CBD isolate tincture and it helps the headache.  However, if your headache was caused by a pinched nerve, or blockage in the body - the headache comes back.  

Blue Key Hemp oils use a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil to allow the 119-120 cannabinoids to reach both your body and brain's CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

In turn, the receptors are fed with all these cannabinoids. The brain picks up the signals then sends signals to the healing part of the brain to begin cell repairs on the WHOLE body - but mainly the painful inflamed areas, first.


Blue Key uses ALL but (1) and that is THC.  No worries on drug testing. 

Imagine actually taking time for yourself and enjoy life for a few hours! No longer feeling the aches and pains.  Maybe improve your golf game, go for a walk, or enjoy the kids... the sky is the limit.


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