CBD for Pets

The Benefits of CBD for Pet Health and Wellbeing

CBD is quickly gaining popularity as a natural remedy for many conditions in humans, and now pet owners are beginning to explore how it can benefit their four-legged friends. Research suggests that CBD may be helpful in treating anxiety, inflammation, and pain management in animals---all without the psychoactive effects of its cousin compound THC.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Pets.

CBD has the potential to provide a range of benefits for pets such as reducing anxiety, relieving minor aches and pains, and even treating more serious conditions like inflammation. Additionally, CBD could potentially be used to control seizure activity in animals suffering from epilepsy or other neurological disorders. Current studies indicate that CBD is safe to use in conjunction with traditional medications and can be an effective holistic treatment when properly administered by a veterinarian.

The Best Ways to Give CBD to Your Pet.

There are several ways to give CBD products to your pet. For animals who don’t like the taste, CBD can be administered in treats, chews or drops, which can also give you control over the dosage. Another option is CBD oil, which can be placed directly into your pet’s food or applied to their gums and tongue for faster absorption. If all else fails, you can purchase pre-made treats or cakes specifically formulated for pets. Be sure to pick a product that clearly states its potency (mg/ml), so that you know the right dose for your pet’s size and weight.

How Much CBD Should You Give to Your Pet?

Although it is sometimes possible to give CBD to pets for free, it is not recommended. Pet owners should speak with their veterinarian ahead of time to determine the proper dosage for their pet’s individual needs. It’s also important to keep in mind that animals can react differently to the same dose of CBD, so it’s important to stick with a small dose and slowly increase it over time if needed. Additionally, certain health conditions may require larger doses than others. Always consult with your veterinarian when giving any product containing CBD or other cannabinoids.

Safety Considerations When Giving CBD to Pets.

Always use CBD products specifically designed for pets as human-grade products may contain ingredients that are toxic to animals. Additionally, it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source that offers lab-tested, high-quality CBD oil that contains no additives or contaminants. Finally, make sure to speak with your veterinarian before giving your pet any kind of CBD or other cannabinoid product to ensure the safety and efficacy of your pet’s medication.

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