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CBD oil Frequently Asked Questions - CBD oil for sale online has a lot of people asking questions. We're here to help you understand.

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Endocannabinoid System - Concentrations of CBD receptors

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) supports the body’s natural responses to pain, stress, anxiety and many other issues. It is comprised of receptors that lie within the body; the brain, organs, connective tissues, and glands. 

These receptors are CB1 (found mostly in the brain and the central nervous system) and CB2 (found primarily in the immune system and even found on white blood cells).

It’s primary function is creating homeostasis (balance) that works with all the other systems within the body. The ECS is a bridge that connects all our body’s organs and systems that helps balance the mind and body.

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Before and After Lab Results

CBD Oil purchased online, you need an independent - 3rd party laboratory result. They show the difference of before THC removal and after THC removal. Blue Key CBD products have no psychoactive effects. It is the highest quality, consistency, and transparency in the CBD oil for sale in the US. 

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Purchased CBD Oil - What Is My CBD Oil Dosage

CBD oil dosage amounts will vary from person to person and the same goes for animals. 

Studies have shown the most used and recommended dosage is between 10-25mg of CBD.

It is recommend to start out with a low CBD oil dosage, according to the label of the manufacturer.

The effects can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes in most cases. If you do not feel an effect you may add to your CBD dosage by double or triple every 2 hours until your comfort level has been reached. 

This a common method to find the level of CBD oil dosage that you will feel the benefits from and what will be good for you.

Customer Testimonials

Jim said:

Owner's Experience

"Broken back twice, could hardly get out of bed.  Started taking CBD oil as a trial, less than a week my pain literally disappeared.  I'm doing great and can actually sleep all night."

Mike wrote:

Text Message

"Hi Katie! I bought a bottle of Blue Key CBD 300mg, yesterday. My wife had a pounding headache all day. 2 droppers and it was gone in minutes.  Also, she just told me it has helped her sciatic pain. :) nothing ever works for her but Blue Key CBD did!"

Kate Lynne reviewed:

Posted on Facebook

"This is by far the best CBD oil out. Absolutely love it and highly recommend Blue Key. Glad we have a distributor in St Louis!!" (5 Stars)

Jessica wrote:

Facebook Inbox

"Hey Katie, I have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits this far. Suffering from fibroids, this has been instrumental in pain management. I am looking at alternative ways to ingest it, but under the tongue has been great thus far!!"

Erica wrote:

Posted on Facebook

"Thank you Katie for dropping off some CBD OIL & CREAM. I was laid up all day with my back and wrist, which isn't good when your trying to move. I felt immediate relief just with the oil last night & used the cream this morning. Again immediate relief. So check out her store in fenton. This stuff is the bomb! 4 boxes packed already & it not even 6:30am."

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Blue Key CBD Is The CBD Oil You Can Trust

Pure Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil 60-80% PCR, Zero-THC


Broad Spectrum

Cannabinoid and Terpene Composition

CBD is 90%+ of all cannabinoids in the extract. Total Terpenes range between 1 and 4%


Zero THC

Medicinal Grade Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil

All of our registered phytocannabinoid-rich hemp is grown in full compliance under section 7606 of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill.


Made and Derived from USA Grown Hemp

Non-GMO Hemp Cultivares

No Pesticides | Solvent Free | Organically Grow, Extracted and Manufactured in the USA.

"I understand the statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

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