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Chronic Candy CBD Lollipops - Singles 10mg

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Chronic Candy CBD Lollipops - Singles, 10mg

CBD Lollipops 10mg is your thing? It's one of our favorite CBD candies! These CBD lollipops are yummy and provide various medicinal benefits. Each CBD lollipop has 10mg of CBD with terpenes!

Does Chronic Candy get you 'high'? No, sorry. It does help in other ways. Check out the chronic candy cbd lollipops effects.

These candies come individually wrapped. 

Chronic Candy CBD Lollipops Effects:

  • Tangie (Orange) 
    • Tangie's terpene profile is considered a hybrid.
    • Fragrance is earthy, citrus, and sweet.
    • Effects are energizing, creative, relaxing. 
    • Suggestion is to use before being active. 
    • There 23 terpenes in this CBD lollipop, 10mg of CBD.
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  • Strawberry (Red)
    • Strawberry's terpene profile is considered hybrid.
    • Fragrance is strawberry, sweet and berry.
    • Effects are relaxing, happy, euphoric, and hungry. 
    • There are 25 terpenes found in this CBD lollipop, 10mg. 
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  • Gelato (Purple)
    • Gelato's terpene profile is indica dominate. 
    • Fragrance is sweet, pungent, berry, and creamy.
    • Effects are relaxed, euphoric, happy and giggly.
    • There are 25 terpene in this CBD lollipop and 10mg of CBD.
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  • Blue Dream (Blue)
    • Blue Dream is a hybrid and fan favorite for many years. 
    • Fragrance is sweet, berry, and earthy.
    • Effects are euphoric, cerebral, energizing, and mood elevating. 
    • There are 22 terpene found in Blue Dream. This CBD lollipop, has 10mg of CBD.
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  • OG  Kush CBD (Green)
    • OG CBD lolliop is a combination of natural skunk terpene.
    • Frangrance is Earth, Pine, Wood.
    • Effects are Attention, Motvaion, Drive and Improves focus.
    • There are 22 terpene found in OG Kush. This CBD lollipop, has 10mg of CBD.
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  • Pineapple Con Chile(Yellow)
  • Purple Punch (25mgs)
    • Indica, Cherry, Blueberry, Grape, Vanilla Citrus Notes.  Effects are creative, calm, rest and focusd.
    • 25mg CBD per CBD Lollipop
    • 25 terpenes in all.
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  • Mango Con Chile (Gold)
  • Watermelon Con Chile (Pink)
  • SUGAR FREE Fruit Punch (White) 


Please leave us a Chronic Candy Review after you try one of these lip-smacking terpene packed CBD lollipops, 10mg of Blue Key CBD.

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CBD Lollipops 10mg

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    10 mg Lollipops

    Published by Carla Arrigo on Oct 31, 2021

    Just enough to take the edge off!

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