Pet's Need CBD Oil To Chill Too!

Pet's Need CBD Oil To Chill Too!

Published by Kaitlin Domangue on Jun 05, 2020

We know these times of high-conflict and health crises are stressful for you. We are right there with you, and the team at Blue Key CBD is committed to improving wellness of you and your pets, now more than ever.

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It isn’t hard to see why most of the country - and maybe even the world - is feeling emotionally drained. So many people are without a job, without certainty of the future, and simply scared for what may be ahead. 

Not to mention worried about the health of ourselves and our loved ones.

Did you know that your pets pick up on and feel your stress? 

Research shows they may even match your stress levels. If this is true, imagine how they are feeling right now as they feel you endure a months long battle with stressful feelings and anxiety. 

Even though your beloved animal is no doubt a source of comfort for you right now, they are likely feeling the same way you are.

Scientific Reports published a study in 2019 exploring the link between stress in a pet owner and the corresponding stress levels in their dogs. 

The team studied the HCC (hair cortisol concentrations) levels of both the owner and the dog. The research was done on two separate occasions - in the summer and in the winter months. 

The results showed that “long-term stress hormone levels were synchronized between dogs and humans, two different species sharing everyday life. This could not be explained by physical activity or the amount of training.”

Blue Key CBD recognizes this emotional burden our animal friends are taking on, and we want to offer them a discount code on our CBD pet products.

You may not be stressed at all - in which case, your dog likely wouldn’t be either. Check out this testimony anyway from Vickie about our 250 mg pet tincture and how it helped heal her dog’s physical pain:

“Our dog hurt his leg and had a painful limp, x rays confirmed nothing was broken and medication from the vet did not help. We began giving him the 250MG pet tincture and within a week he was walking much better, and within a month he was not wincing in pain. 

Now, months later, he is running full speed and playing like his old self.

Best thing we did for our dog. We do keep him on a low dose for maintenance to assure he is healed and reducing the amount gradually to assure he is still good. Thank you Jim and Katie.”

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Discount Code ( PETSLOVECBD5)

We are excited to serve you and your four-legged family members. While you’re at it, pick up a tincture or CBD product for yourself. You deserve it.