Did You Know We Have Hemp Flower?

Did You Know We Have Hemp Flower?

Published by Kaitlin Domangue on Jul 23, 2020

A lot of people are surprised to find out that hemp flower is available at most CBD stores (including Blue Key). If you’re familiar with CBD, you might think of it as an oil or maybe gummies.
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100% Legal

Hemp flower looks like, smells like, and tastes like marijuana, without the “high” from THC. It is legal under federal law too, just like manufactured CBD products.

It’s a Fresher Option

Hemp flower is a great option if you’re seeking a fresher and more potent product. The effects of hemp flower are usually very strong, which is perfect for the right individual.

Ways to Use It

We wanted to quickly explain a few of the ways you can use CBD hemp flower, so you can take advantage of our discount code and try it for yourself!

Smoking Hemp Flower

By far, the most common way to use CBD flower is just by smoking it. Like marijuana, you can grind it up and roll it into a joint, pack your bong, load your pipe, or however you choose to smoke. We have pipes and other tools at our store if you don’t have anything to smoke out of.

Since the THC has been removed, smoking CBD flower won’t give you that head high, but you will feel a general relaxed feeling. It will also help relieve anxiety, diminish pain, and promote a restful night’s sleep. A lot of people report that smoking CBD flower makes them sleepy above anything else, so try it at night and see how it affects you before you use it in place of your morning CBD oil!

Baking It

You can bake hemp flower, just as you would marijuana. An easy way to do this is just by making cannabutter and incorporating the cannabutter into your dishes instead of butter.

It’s easy, just find a cannabutter recipe and try it with Blue Key’s hemp flower! Also, check out the Netflix series “Cooked with Cannabis” if you need more inspiration.

Throwing it in a Smoothie

This is an unconventional method of using hemp flower - but one that should not go unmentioned! Hemp flower has awesome benefits when smoked, but it is a fantastic superfood too. It’s still filled with cannabinoids when consumed this way.

The cannabis plant is considered an herb, so it has additional vitamins and minerals aside from the cannabinoids! Start small and figure out how much you like for your taste preferences. It has a strong, very earthy taste, so work your way up. Local honey and fruit are great ways to sweeten up your green smoothies and cover the taste if you don’t like it.

Also, be sure to break up the flower well before putting it in your blender.

Side note, throwing your hemp flower in a blender is likely the safest way to use hemp flower and not test positive for THC on a drug screen. Smoking and baking the flower may trigger a positive test, even though you don’t feel high. Either way, stick to a CBD oil tincture if you are nervous about testing positive for THC.

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Tell Us What You Think

We’d love to hear how you use your hemp flower, so send us an email when you use your discount code and tell us what you tried!