Blue Key was voted one of Missouri’s Best CBD in the Most Innovative category by Greenway readers.

Blue Key was voted one of Missouri’s Best CBD in the Most Innovative category by Greenway readers.

Published by Greenway Magazine on Apr 29, 2020


Blue Key CBD was started in St. Louis in 2017 to help customers who wanted to try CBD but were fearful of drug testing at their place of employment, such as firefighters, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc. 

They partnered with a company in Colorado that had a proprietary method of extraction to keep cannabinoids intact but removed all traces of THC.

Blue Key was voted one of Missouri’s Best CBD Stores in the Most Innovative category by Greenway readers. We spoke with co-founder Katie Thomas to learn more about the unique products that Blue Key CBD has to offer patients.

“Blue Key does not use any artificial flavoring, colors or sweeteners in the products,” Thomas said. They only use 2-3 ingredients in their oils: hemp oil, MCT, and essential oil for flavor. They get lots of compliments on the palatable taste. 

“We decided to keep it clean, simple, and organic. You will notice the difference in the clean taste and the clarity of the oil.”

Blue Key CBD flavors all of their oils with organic, food-grade essential oils that have studies showing their beneficial properties. 

Having a range of different flavor options in high-quality oil was important to Blue Key CBD for several reasons. “We are a family of 6 and are conscious of what we put in our bodies,” Thomas said. “You want to make sure it is not full of preservatives, sugars, or any unnecessary junk ingredients.

“Special needs children take our oil and it was important that every ingredient is clean and simple. Owning the natural health food store also brought awareness to the importance of organic, non-GMO, and few ingredients. Safety is our number one objective for your family and ours.”

As medical marijuana becomes available across Missouri, Thomas is confident that CBD will remain a sought-after solution for many professional patients. “CBD is beneficial for many individuals. There are still companies that drug test and people want to use the plant but don’t want to risk the loss of a job,” Thomas said. “CBD has also been shown to help bring down the high feeling from THC, so it will continue to grow in its popularity and use. I believe the price will come down and be an affordable option for more people.”

Blue Key CBD offers medical card certifications at their location and plans to continue educating and stay involved in their community as medical marijuana becomes offered across the state. 

“It is important that you as a customer can come to our store and feel safe to talk about what is going on and have natural options to choose from,” Thomas said. “We make sure all our employees are trained on the endocannabinoid system, the plant, and properties of the plant. 

They learn about differences in the oils, edibles, topical, and smokable options. We have a pharmacist, Chris, that we work to help determine the right start with CBD especially if you are on any medications or want that professional reassurance.”