Little Jimmy Pre-Rolls

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Little Jimmy Pre-Rolls

Excellent example of 100% sustainable product and production.

The leaf of this pre-roll is all natural and comes from a 100% sustainable forest production of India.

In fact, the tree gives back to the people by producing fruit, the leave, and habitat protection – the forests are protected by the Indian government and listed as a Fair-Trade product.

No tobacco or nicotine, chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, or preservatives are used. 

The trees are never cut down or harmed in any way. Many of the trees are incredibly old. 

The tree’s leaves, seeds, fruit, and bark have been used for hundreds - if not thousands of years.

The people use the different offerings for medicinal, food, protection, and smoking tobacco and/or cannabis.

The leaves are sorted, dried, and rolled by the women of the surrounding villages of the forests.

All proceeds of the sale of leaves are donated to the people that inhabit and live in the forest area.  

The tree's name in the local Hindi language is "Tendu", thus the Tendu leaf. 



Link Alert: Interesting article and photos by Vikas Ramteke, Ph.D. Scholar in Fruit Science. Tendu tree, fruit, and usage.

AND the filter is made of cornhusks.  Brilliant!

Permission was granted by US Customs and Border Patrol to import in the United States by The Rhythms of Life, Inc. (St. Louis based company).  

Size: 3.5 inches long.


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This is Jim, owner of Blue Key.  I have used the Little Jimmy for my personal cannabis and hemp usage. 

In the package you get:

  • 1 - Pre-rolled leaf
  • 1 - Bamboo stick to pack the leaf with your favorite ganga.

Meditation time.  Do not pack it too tight!

Use the flat side of the bamboo stick to put your ganga into the rolled leaf. Then, use pointed side to pack the leaf, because the pointed side keeps it burning evenly when taking a drag or puff.

When not in use, the leaf will snuff out on its own so you can come back later.

I love these leaf rolls – cool story, fair-trade, easy to use, portable after filled I learned a trick!  If you want to learn this trick, you’ll need to call me.

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