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CBD Oil: Essential Information to Know Before You Shop

CBD Oil:

Essential Information to Know Before You Shop

Not all CBD (cannabinoid derivative) products are the same or created equal, so you should do your research before purchasing CBD oil. There are certain categories and characteristics to be aware of when shopping for CBD oil, and making an educated purchase will ensure that you’re happy with the product.


Isolate vs Full-Spectrum

CBD oil can be split into two categories: isolate and full-spectrum. CBD isolate is a pure CBD compound with no other active ingredients. Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, contains extra active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds.

It used to be believed that CBD isolate was a better option because it’s so pure. However, newer research suggests that full-spectrum is actually more powerful than CBD isolate. In one study on mice, CBD was more effective when combined with other cannabinoid compounds than when used in its pure form [1].

While it may seem like isolate should be stronger because it contains higher concentrations of CBD, other cannabinoid and plant compounds may interact in a way that strengthens the effects of CBD.

Hemp Source

Hemp is a hyperaccumulator, which means it absorbs anything in the soil it grows in. Rich soil leads to high-quality CBD oil, but hemp that grows in poor-quality soil may be ineffective or even dangerous. Soil contaminated by mercury, lead, or other heavy metals is especially harmful, and CBD made from hemp that grows in these conditions isn’t safe for human consumption.

It’s typically better to buy CBD oil made from hemp grown in the United States. Farmers in the U.S. have required certifications, so you’ll know that the hemp is grown in safe conditions. Hemp from European countries is also usually trustworthy as the EU has strict agricultural standards.

Lab Reports

The cannabis industry is unregulated in the United States, so sellers and manufacturers can get away with marketing low-quality products. The only way to ensure the quality of CBD oil is to see a lab report from a third-party that’s not associated with the seller or manufacturer in any way.

Reputable CBD oil companies will provide third-party lab reports to prove that their oil is high in CBD, low in THC, and free of harmful compounds. If you make a CBD oil purchase online, the seller should have their lab reports available on their website. If you buy CBD oil in person from a dispensary, the seller should show you their lab reports on paper.

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